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Generational transition is a very delicate changing process meant to give continuity to a family business. Incoming generation can, in due time, take over the business management, while the generation in charge steps gradually away from head roles. It the generation in charge the one responsible of this process.

This service is addressed to those entrepreneurs facing generational transition in their company, now or in the future.

The goal of generational transitions is easy and practical: to ease business continuity while building a relationship of effective cooperation between the generation in charge and the incoming one.

The two generations will share goals, method, the operational plan, contents and the time scheduling to reach the results.



A Preliminary phase is required to design and project the next steps. In this phase all the necessary information will be collected to define a tailor-made project.



  • Preparation: analysis of the business, of the generation in charge and the incoming one, as well as of the management and of the potential resources not belonging to the family
  • Definition of the final objective and its milestones between the two generations
  • Creation of an effective collaboration model between the two generations
  • Support to each generation in the ordinary business activities
  • Milestones review



  • Customized team coaching, involving the incoming generation, the one in charge and top management
  • Business coaching courses for each member of the generation in charge and for young members of the incoming generation, to give support in reaching intermediate milestones.



  • Coaching the two generations to build and practice with an effective cooperation model
  • Coaching the in-charge generation to practice step by step with the habit of delegating, empowering and supervising, until its role will become the best advisor for the incoming generation and for the business
  • Coaching and supporting the incoming generation in its evolution, helping it to develop professionalism and attitude to manage responsibilities in business operations



The output of this multi-level approach is

  • Creation of a collaborative, sharing and conscious environment
  • Developing a persistent alignment on business targets and goals
  • Incoming generation acquires experience and works to manage a more on operative / strategic role
  • In-charge generation learns to vest its new role, while managing a vital transition process for family’s sake
  • Creation of an exciting work environment based on mutual trust and suitable for controlled tests
  • The resulting environment brings with it several advantages in all company’s levels.



YOPAdvisors’ partners share values of neutrality and discretion while assisting clients, of professionalism in managing both family’s and company’s issues. These values are strongly supported by a deep knowledge in tax, legal, managing matters, gained in years of expertise next to the business.

We propose solutions based on client’s needs, taking into consideration complex dynamics, including specific market trends and business features.